Email Invitation Templates

Send branded, compliant email invitations that raise awareness and help drive registrations to your event.

Improved Application Updates on Vantage

The most common question an agent asks after submitting a member’s application is, “Where is it in the process?” Learn about new process updates in this one-pager.

Fast App One-Pager

Learn how the Humana Fast App can help you complete an application in about 10 minutes.

Best Practices for Paper Enrollment

When enrolling members, we realize that electronic submission may not always work and you must use paper enrollment. Learn best practices for paper enrollment in this one-pager.

The 5Ws of Med Supp & PDP

The 5Ws of Med Supp & PDP one-pager will help Agents figure out who to target, how to sell these plans, and what’s in it for them.