Welcome to Why Humana: How you can be an Agent of positive change this AEP

This deck should serve as the foundation of any AEP presentation. It has updates on Humana plan details, compliance, sales strategies and more.

Why Humana 2022 Virtual Event

This on-demand virtual event experience offers presentations about Why Humana should be top of mind when speaking to prospects, as well as regional breakout sessions that review 2022 plans and products.

2021 SEP Quick-Reference Guide

When Medicare beneficiaries qualify for special enrollment outside of AEP, being familiar with the latest information is crucial to helping them find the plan they need. This quick-reference guide is designed to provide you with a simple, but comprehensive, snapshot of the nine key enrollment periods outside of AEP.

Bold Goal Whole Health Toolkit

Inform Agents about how to speak with their members about social determinants of health—like food insecurity, loneliness and transportation problems—and how to connect them to the resources and support they need to maintain their health.

Author by
Humana Video

Learn about Author by Humana, a new kind of healthcare experience dedicated to personal service and personalized care.

Human Care Consumer Video

Help Agents understand what Humana’s human care is, and how by helping us provide it, they can help improve their members’ lives.

Oak Street Health Video

Learn more about Oak Street Health with the OSH Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer.

Why Questions Matter to Your Clients—and Your Sales

Learn why asking questions could help boost your sales, and find out which questions to ask during calls with this conversation guide.

Human Care By the Numbers Infographic

You’ve heard of human care. Have you seen its impact? We crunched the numbers in this infographic.

Humana Cares About Community–We Know You Do Too

It’s no secret that when you help others it feels good. We’ve put together this short guide to help Agents do good in their community by getting involved with a national organization or one of Humana’s initiatives.