AEP academy national plan presentation deck

Get agents revved up for AEP with this can’t-miss presentation featuring plan updates and more.

Why Humana presentation deck

Give your agents a boost of confidence and remind them why they chose to work with Humana in the first place with this year’s Why Humana presentation. Download this deck to share with your agents, either individually or as a group.

Compliance presentation deck

Bring agents up to speed with important updates and reminders ahead of Annual Election Period (AEP) with this informative and important deck. Download and share with agents either individually or as a group to help them sell with confidence this AEP.

AEP 2024 Compliance checklist

Get the info you need to stay compliant this AEP season. Download it or print it out—then start checking items off until compliant consumer interactions become second nature.

Prescription drug playbook

Understanding the ins and outs of prescription drug coverage and over-the-counter (OTC) health-and-wellness items can be difficult. Our all-new guide gives agents the knowledge and tools they need to help Medicare beneficiaries access affordable prescription drugs and OTC items with the right plan and adhere to their medication treatment with Humana’s resources.

Whole Health Toolkit

Inform agents about how to speak with their members about social determinants of health—like food insecurity, loneliness and transportation problems—and how to connect them to the resources and support they need to maintain their health.

Go365 by Humana Medicare agent toolkit

This toolkit has everything you need to know about Go365, Humana’s market differentiating well-being and rewards program for eligible Medicare Advantage members.

Go365 call center agent flyer

Quick reference guide on Go365.

Get the 411 on the high value provider benefit

Learn about the high value provider benefit and how it may help eligible members find the right care for their needs.

Why Humana: CarePlus health plans

Get up-to-date info on CarePlus service areas, plans, new products and more for AEP 2024 in this presentation.

First Look 2024

Head to First Look to find available plans and details for the upcoming year.

Prescription drug plan (PDP) agent educational video

This video provides an overview of Humana’s Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) and which consumers these plans may be a good fit for. The video also includes information on the three Prescription Drug Plans Humana has available.