Automated journey opt-in text-based email

Be sure agents in your area know about Humana’s all-new automated email program. It’s the next evolution in fast and simple member onboarding agents can’t miss. Help us educate agents via email about this new, innovative program with a personal touch.

Enhance your email signature: 5-star

Share this email signature to your agents to let their clients know that our top-rated plans are available to them. Personalize your email with Humana’s 5-star email signature template to promote Humana’s Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oregon and Tennessee 5-star plans with every communication your agents send.

Enhance your email signature: 4-star

Utilize this email signature in communications with licensed sales agents to let them know that 4-star rated plans are available in their market. Ensure no prospect, member or consumer receives this message.

Fast Start+ social post template

Get agents in your local market revved up about this year’s Fast Start+ event with this eye-catching social post template. Personalize the post copy on your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts with your event’s date, time and venue.

Fast Start+ 2024 Invite Email

Let your agents know about the Fast Start+ event with this invite email. Get agents excited to start 2024 off right, with an overview of the presentations, event details and registration info. Download the customizable email template now in English.

Fast Start+ 2024 Text-Based Invite Email

Use this text-based email template to invite agents to the Fast Start+ event. This short email will encourage agents to register and will provide event details.

Fast Start+ 2024 Last-Chance Email

Send this email template, available in English or Spanish, to remind agents this is their last chance to attend the Fast Start+ event. Let agents know event details and the perks of attending and advise them to register now.

Fast Start+ 2024 Follow-Up Email

Use this email template, available in English or Spanish, to thank agents for coming to the Fast Start+ event. Plus, remind agents of other available resources.

2024 5-star event invite email

Hosting a 5-star event in a location where a 5-star plan is available for the current plan year? Use this template to invite your agents.

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