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Share this email signature to your agents to let their clients know that our top-rated plans are available to them. Personalize your email with Humana’s 5-star email signature template to promote Humana’s Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oregon and Tennessee 5-star plans with every communication your agent send.

2024 5-star event invite email

Hosting a 5-star event in a location where a 5-star plan is available for the current plan year? Use this template to invite your agents.

Humana is competitive

Download email templates for following markets: Delaware, Daytona Beach (FL), Cedar Rapids (IA), Albuquerque (NM), Charlotte (NC), Southern NJ, Central NY, Hudson Valley (NY), Southern Tier (NY), Myrtle Beach (SC), Dallas-Fort Worth (TX), Greater Seattle (WA), Seattle Metro (WA), Green Bay (WI), Charleston-Huntington (WV).

Email template: AEP video library

This customizable email template informs agents who were unable to make it to their AEP local market event or simply want a refresher how to download recorded presentations via the Video Library.

Email template: Local market event invite

Use these promotional emails to build excitement and get agents to register for your local market event.

Email template: Last chance

Let agents who are late to the party know there’s still time to register for your local market event with this last-chance email. Better late than never!

Email template: Follow up

Thank agents for attending AEP Academy and remind them about additional resources that are available to them if they need a refresher. This follow-up email template covers on-demand viewing options to keep them in the know about important local and national plan updates leading up to AEP.

Social post templates

Get the word out about your local market event with these eye-catching downloadable social post templates. Each template can be customized with your event-specific information, such as date, time and venue.

AEP Academy 2024 SMS text

Spread the word about your local event to agents in your market. Build excitement and boost attendance with this pre-approved SMS text.

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