Agent Invite Email Template

After you’ve narrowed down which Agents to invite to participate, send this email to your shortlist.

Agent Welcome Email Template

Send this email to the Agents who reply to your invite and confirm that they’ll join the program.

Agent Training Email

This email was designed to help educate your Agents on steps they need to take before they can start generating leads as part of the 2022 AEP Retail Program. These steps include watching the 2022 Agent AEP Retail Program On-Demand Webinar, visiting Ignite and logging in to the Humana Retail Portal.

Check-Ins and Reminders Email Template

Have an update, a training opportunity or just want to check in with your Agents? Use this template.

Get Ready Email Templates

Send this email to Agents to prepare them for receiving their kit shipment directly or use the second version to coordinate with Agents picking up their kit from you.

Time to start browsing. Here's your catalogue.

The In-Store Engagement Kit Catalogue includes photos and detailed descriptions of all the items available for ordering. Use this as your goto reference for pricing and planning. Download the catalogue and start mapping out exactly what you need for your Agents and your market. Keep in mind you can place.

Kit Instruction Letters

Every retail kit shipment comes with an Instructional Letter to ensure Agents understand what they’ve received and how to utilize it. Need a reference for yourself? Check out the Instructional Letters for our Small-, Medium- and Large-Booth packs and the Healthy and Safety pack.

The Humana-Branded 2022 AEP Retail Program Explained: A Guide for Market Leaders

We have education for you too. Watch this webinar to get up to speed on the program, how it works and what you’re responsible for.

Agent Webinar

Tell Agents about this on-demand webinar so they can learn about the program and retail best practices.

Humana's Branded AEP 2022 Retail Program: A Guide for Market Leaders

This resource was made to give you an overview of your role in the program, complete with a step-by-step checklist as well as retailer-specific requirements.

Humana's Branded AEP 2022 Retail Program: A Guide for Agents

This is an Agent's go-to resource for the program, combining their step-by-step checklist, best practices and retailer-specific requirements.