Agent Invite Email Template

After you’ve narrowed down which Agents to invite to participate, send this email to your shortlist.

Agent Welcome Email Template

Send this email to the Agents who reply to your invite and confirm that they’ll join the program.

Customizable Email Update Templates

Have an update, a training opportunity or just want to check in with your Agents? Use this template.

Get Ready for AEP Email Template

Send this email right before the program begins to remind Agents about their kit and upcoming educational opportunities.

Thank You Email Template

After the program ends for the year, follow up with your Agents and thank them for participating.

Market Leader Webinar

We have education for you too. Watch this webinar to get up to speed on the program, how it works and what you’re responsible for.

Agent Webinar

Tell Agents about this upcoming live webinar so they can learn about the program and retail best practices.

Market Leader Retailer Mini Guide

This resource was made to give you an overview of your role in the program, complete with a step-by-step checklist as well as retailer-specific requirements.

Agent Retailer Mini Guide

This is an Agent’s go-to resource for the program, combining their step-by-step checklist, best practices and retailer-specific requirements.