Enhance your email signature

Share this email signature to your agents to let their clients know that our top-rated plans are available to them. Personalize your email with Humana’s 5-star email signature template to promote Humana’s Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oregon and Tennessee 5-star plans with every communication your agent send.

MA Dental Benefit Highlights

Humana’s MA Dental Benefit Highlights provides agents with information on dental benefits & network enhancement for Humana Medicare Advantage 2023.

Go365 by Humana Medicare Agent Toolkit

This toolkit has everything you need to know about Go365, Humana’s market differentiating well-being and rewards program for eligible Medicare Advantage members.

Go365 call center agent flyer

Quick reference guide on Go365.

Fast Start+ virtual event invite

Drum up excitement for the Fast Start+ virtual event. Schedule specific dates and times for your agents to attend, then invite them to register to get tips and resources to help them succeed this OEP.

Fast Start+ virtual event follow up

Thank agents for attending the Fast Start+ virtual event—and let them know they can revisit presentations, booths and document downloads now that the event is available on demand. This email also invites agents to take the survey to share their thoughts on this year’s Fast Start+ virtual event.

Election period know-how

Understanding election periods helps agents drive year-round sales. Get agents up to speed on common election periods from OEP to ICEP to SEPs. This enhanced deck features more visuals, from calendars to graphics, to help bolster agent comprehension. Help agents select the right election code with this critical deck.

Dual Eligible Special Needs Plan and Humana Spending Account Card jumpstart

Give agents the essentials on DSNP and the Humana Spending Account Card with this Fast Start+ deck. They’ll get the basics, a lowdown on Humana’s SNP Care Management and Health Risk Assessment and helpful activation and usage tips for the Humana Spending Account Card. Consider this your essential Humana DSNP 101 deck.