High Value Provider Benefit Email Template

Educate agents about the all-new High Value Provider (HVP) Benefit on select Humana Gold Plus HMO DSNPs in Atlanta, Georgia; Greenville and Charleston areas, South Carolina; and Houston, Texas with this email template. Chock full of handy information, this email helps you get agents up to speed on this innovative benefit. Simply type in the information specific to your market and deploy to agents via Outlook—it’s that easy!

Providers deck

Help clients find the best plan for their needs and budget by developing your understanding of Humana’s available provider choices.

Video: What does it mean to be a licensed sales agent?

Hear from actual licensed Humana agents about how their rewarding experiences with clients have enhanced their careers in more ways than one.

Video: What makes my doctor different?

“They treat me like a human being.” Hear from real Humana members about the difference whole human care makes to their health and quality of life.

Provider and care in the home explainer video

Learn how to talk to clients about Humana providers and home-based care services that may be a good fit for clients in this quick video.

Care in the home webinar presentation

Get an in-depth look at all the at-home care options Humana provides so you can help clients make the best choice for their unique needs.

Heal mini guide

Learn all about our provider partner Heal, and find out which Humana plans include their unique services in this detailed mini guide.

An agent's guide to providers and members

This comprehensive guide contains everything you need to know about working alongside Humana providers to bring care to your clients.