Dual Eligible Special Needs Plan and Humana Spending Account Card jumpstart

Give agents the essentials on DSNP and the Humana Spending Account Card with this Fast Start+ deck. They’ll get the basics, a lowdown on Humana’s SNP Care Management and Health Risk Assessment and helpful activation and usage tips for the Humana Spending Account Card. Consider this your essential Humana DSNP 101 deck.

Ultimate DSNP Playbook

Want to give your Agents a comprehensive look at DSNP? This playbook goes deep into the basics for DSNP newbies along with a whole lot of audience insights for veteran DSNP Agents. From compliance to eligibility verification, lead generation to enrollment, this playbook has the knowledge and resources your Agents need to engage the DSNP audience and drive DSNP enrollment. Be sure to check out the interactive Agent version on Ignite!