Veterans Grassroots Marketing Guide

Check out this guide to discover how to create connections with VSOs, veteran organizations and other tips and best practices for grassroots marketing in the veteran community.

Veteran healthcare FAQs

Get your veteran questions answered with these frequently asked questions.

Veterans Decision Tree

Use this veterans’ healthcare decision tree to know which private insurance plan might be right for each Medicare-eligible veteran or family member.

How to create veteran relationships and work with Veteran Service Organizations in your community

Share with your agents more about Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs), why they matter to us and how they can get involved.

What you need to know about Humana's Veteran Bold Goal

Share with your agents about why we need to consider social determinants of health, when talking about veteran health.

Get the latest on local Honor Plans, and find out how to leverage the USAA recommendation

Share with your agents more about USAA’s recommendation of all Humana MA and MAPD plans, the latest overview of our Honor Plans and a deeper dive into who USAA is and why their recommendation matters.

Veterans Playbook

This playbook covers the gamut from military basics to veteran healthcare benefits to community engagement strategies. You and your agents will learn which Humana plans are right for different veteran benefits and how to make a real difference in the lives of veterans and their families.