Local market deck presentations

Download this local market deck to help your agents learn more about local Humana plan options. Customize this deck to create a presentation to help agents get the plan info and resources they need.

Unlock your sales potential with our top lead generation tips

Help your agents level up their sales with this roundup of our top lead generation strategies. This presentation has the latest compliance updates, best marketing practices—including how to gain referrals—and strategies to connect with different audiences.

Agent Tips to Boost Sales Year-Round

AEP might be over, but that doesn’t mean your agents are done selling for the year. In this deck, agents will learn how they can set themselves up for year-round selling success, close more sales and use Humana tools and resources to enhance their sales-enrollment processes.

Helping DSNP members get the most out of their plans

Support your agents strengthening member relationships and potentially boosting retention among dual-eligible members. This deck includes key information on how to spot common pain points for DSNP members during and after the enrollment process, including important strategies and resources to help agents find solutions to the unique challenges their DSNP members might face.

DSNP basics

Selling DSNP can be a great way for your agents to grow their book of business while helping to make a difference in people’s lives. Use this informative deck to help them learn the basics and get off to a strong start this year.

Humana Spending Account Card basics

Now in its second year, the Humana Spending Account Card is one of the most popular and useful Humana products. Download this deck to help agents in your market understand the ins and outs of the card and pass their knowledge on to members with the benefit on their plans.

Why member onboarding and retention are critical to agents

You know effective member onboarding can help prevent disenrollment. Now you can coach agents on how they can take a proactive approach to member onboarding and retention with this presentation. Humana’s all-new, streamlined onboarding resources give agents turnkey tools to communicate key aspects of Humana plans, including MyHumana app activation, primary care provider selection, filling prescriptions and a whole lot more. Consider this your go-to Fast Start+ presentation. Download the presentation in English and/or Spanish.

5-Star Toolkit Presentation

Discover why star ratings matter to Medicare consumers and how you can leverage Humana’s 5-star plans in areas where a 5-star plan is available for 2024.

The 4-star plan deck

Help agents learn more about 4- and 4.5-star plans in their areas with this 4-star plan deck. Provide agents with the latest information on Medicare Star Ratings and how they’re determined. Plus, show agents 4 or more star-rated plans in their areas, offer sales tips and teach them how they can help members make the most of these high-rated plans.

4+ Star Materials

If you’re a leader in a 4+ star state, leverage these materials to help inform your agents.