Marketing Track Presentation Decks

Want to help your Agents ramp up their marketing? Choose from Humana’s three Marketing Presentations to use during your Fast Start Marketing Event. Each presentation takes a deeper dive into different marketing techniques, from grassroots and digital platforms, to developing a marketing strategy and more. Each presentation provides concrete examples and best practices for Agents to use when reaching out to their local markets.

Retention Track Presentation Decks

Give your Agents an in-depth look into how they can help their clients post-AEP and OEP with Humana’s two Retention Presentations. Dive into the new Member Care Assessment and how to use it in tandem with the Bold Goal Social Determinants of Health Assessment. Maybe they’d prefer to take a deep dive into the revamped 3-30-60-90 Day guide that includes strategies to reduce calls and be more proactive by leveraging multichannel, one-to-many communications when applicable. Each presentation is designed to give your Agents the tips and tricks they need to succeed post-AEP and OEP.

Stand-Alone Plan Presentation Decks

Dive deeper into Humana’s three Stand Alone Plans Presentations –Dental/Vision Plans, Prescription Drug Plans, and Medicare Supplement Basics. Agents will learn the importance of oral and ocular health to their members and how to help them find-in-network providers using Humana tools. Maybe they want to learn more about PDP? Agents can get an in-depth overview of Humana’s three prescription drugs plans and learn how to help members save by using Humana resources.

3-30-60-90 Day Conversation Guide

Use this guide to help you onboard new members, schedule timely follow-ups, and have the right conversations – every single time. Be sure to check out the interactive Agent version on Ignite!

Lead Generation Playbook

Coming Soon!

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