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Download flyers for following markets: Delaware, Daytona Beach (FL), Cedar Rapids (IA), Albuquerque (NM), Charlotte (NC), Southern NJ, Central NY, Hudson Valley (NY), Southern Tier (NY), Myrtle Beach (SC), Dallas-Fort Worth (TX), Greater Seattle (WA), Seattle Metro (WA), Green Bay (WI), Charleston-Huntington (WV).

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Med Supp plans provide help covering costs and meeting customers’ needs.

4+ Star Materials

If you’re a leader in a 4+ star state, leverage these materials to help inform your agents.

5-Star Toolkit Presentation

Discover why star ratings matter to Medicare consumers and how you can leverage Humana’s 5-star plans in areas where a 5-star plan is available for 2024.

The 4-star plan deck

Help agents learn more about 4- and 4.5-star plans in their areas with this 4-star plan deck. Provide agents with the latest information on Medicare Star Ratings and how they’re determined. Plus, show agents 4 or more star-rated plans in their areas, offer sales tips and teach them how they can help members make the most of these high-rated plans.

Customizable shell deck

Need a hand getting the most important local plan information and details into one informative presentation for your AEP local market event? Download this customizable shell deck for use in your live and recorded local AEP presentation.

AEP Academy national plan presentation deck

Get agents revved up for AEP with this can’t-miss presentation featuring plan updates and more.

Why Humana presentation deck

Give your agents a boost of confidence and remind them why they chose to work with Humana in the first place with this year’s Why Humana presentation. Download this deck to share with your agents, either individually or as a group.

Humana Medicare Supplement Plans

Help agents step up their Med Supp selling strategies.

Compliance presentation deck

Bring agents up to speed with important updates and reminders ahead of Annual Election Period (AEP) with this informative and important deck. Download and share with agents either individually or as a group to help them sell with confidence this AEP.

AEP 2024 Compliance checklist

Get the info you need to stay compliant this AEP season. Download it or print it out—then start checking items off until compliant consumer interactions become second nature.

MA dental benefit highlights

Humana’s MA Dental Benefit Highlights provides agents with information on dental benefits & network enhancement for Humana Medicare Advantage 2023.

AEP Academy agent leave behind card

Help point agents in the right direction for AEP readiness with this handy leave behind card. Agents can scan the QR code to access the information and resources they need to prepare for AEP.

2024 First Look

Our First Look Value Prop has gone digital. You can access it online to get all the information you need on highlighting your market’s plans.

Whole Health Toolkit

Inform agents about how to speak with their members about social determinants of health—like food insecurity, loneliness and transportation problems—and how to connect them to the resources and support they need to maintain their health.

Get the 411 on the high value provider benefit

Learn about the high value provider benefit and how it may help eligible members find the right care for their needs.

Member facing video: living your best life is rewarding with Go365 by Humana

Are your Agents looking for a way to excite their members about the Go365 program? Have them share this video with their members to showcase how fun and easy it is to earn rewards for healthy steps they may be already taking.

Ultimate DSNP playbook

Want to give your Agents a comprehensive look at DSNP? This playbook goes deep into the basics for DSNP newbies along with a whole lot of audience insights for veteran DSNP Agents. From compliance to eligibility verification, lead generation to enrollment, this playbook has the knowledge and resources your Agents need to engage the DSNP audience and drive DSNP enrollment.

Humana Spending Account Card one pager

Help with groceries, rent, utilities and more in the convenience of one card.

Prescription drug plan (PDP) agent educational video

This video provides an overview of Humana’s Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) and which consumers these plans may be a good fit for. The video also includes information on the three Prescription Drug Plans Humana has available.

Prescription Drug Plans one-pager

Our prescription drug plans assist members with more access to medications at affordable prices than Original Medicare. That could translate to fewer hurdles and more adherence. As a reminder, marketing or communicating 2024 plan information prior to October 1 is strictly prohibited. Expanded retail pharmacy networks with preferred cost sharing at in-network pharmacies, like Albertsons Companies family of pharmacies, Walmart, Walmart Neighborhood Markets, Sam’s Club (no membership required), Publix, CenterWell, H-E-B and Costco, mean more access at better prices. These plans could be a great fit for Original Medicare beneficiaries, even those enrolled in a MedSupp plan.

Network freedom and flexibility one pager

Humana now offers open network and partially open network PPO plans in select markets.

Network freedom and flexibility presentation

Do you have prospects or clients who are looking for a wider provider network in a plan? View this slideshow to learn how to meet the needs of these consumers who prioritize a broad provider network, a strong travel benefit, and barrier-free access to care. Discover more about how to connect with these beneficiaries whose brand loyalty could make them great addition to your book of business.

CenterWell & Conviva – Who are we?

Learn about Humana’s Senior Primary Care owned organizations, what value-based care is, why it’s good for members and why it’s good for your business.