Introduction to Selling CarePlus Plans

What makes CarePlus different? If you’re new to selling CarePlus plans, learn what we offer and how we help Medicare beneficiaries get the service they deserve.

Retention Touchpoint Guide

Build long-lasting client relationships beyond the point of sale. Use these follow-up call checklists to help keep your newly enrolled CarePlus members happy.

Communications Snapshot

See an overview of the communications your clients will receive from CarePlus. View a snapshot for sales, new members, and plan renewal.

CarePlus Spending Account Card

Members with the CareEssentials Allowance or Flex Allowance receive this spending account card. Learn how the card and allowances work, and which plans include them.

HRA and SDoH Assessment

When a new member joins CarePlus, agents administer a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) to check for social determinants of health (SDoH) such as financial hardship or food insecurity.