Top Tier Provider Presentation Deck

Download the presentation deck, “A New Era for Agents: Discussing Doctors, Compliantly” to use during your event.

Top Tier Provider Mini Resource Guide

Help Agents understand why clinical quality and cost-efficiency may matter to their clients.

How to Answer FAQs about Humana’s Find a Doctor Tool with Care Highlight™ Program

Want to know what those green hearts and badges mean? How to use Find a Doctor Tool with Care Highlight Program with clients? Use this guide to answer frequently asked questions with ease.

Let's Talk Providers, Here's How

Wondering how to talk about providers? We’ve got you covered with this conversation guide that gives you questions to ask and talking points to make when discussing providers with members.

PCP Selection, Compliance and You: An Agent’s Role

The right healthcare maximizes the benefits of the right health plan. This short compliance guide spells out basic dos and don’ts of provider conversations with members. Understand how to use Humana’s Find a Doctor Tool with Care Highlight to have compliant discussions during discovery meetings and post-enrollment outreach.

Customizable Email Invitation Templates

Send branded, compliant email invitations that raise awareness and help drive registrations to your event.

Customizable Follow Up Email Template

Use this pre-approved email template to follow-up with Agents who attended your event.