AEP Readiness Presentation

Download the presentation deck to use during your event. This deck has the essential slides you’ll need, including an introduction and nationwide compliance updates. Use this as the foundation from which you’ll build your final presentation.

First Look 2021 Site

Head to First Look to find available plans and details for the upcoming year.

Top Tier Provider Presentation Deck

Download the presentation deck, "A New Era for Agents: Discussing Doctors, Compliantly" to use during your event.

Top Tier Provider Mini Resource Guide

Help Agents understand why clinical quality and cost-efficiency may matter to their clients.

Human Care Consumer Video

Help Agents understand that human care isn’t the things they say, but the things they do to improve members’ lives.

Why Questions Matter to Your Clients—and Your Sales

Learn why asking questions could help boost your sales, and find out which questions to ask during calls with this conversation guide.

Human Care By the Numbers Infographic

You’ve heard of human care. Have you seen its impact? We crunched the numbers in this infographic.

Humana Cares About Community–We Know You Do Too

It’s no secret that when you help others it feels good. We’ve put together this short guide to help Agents do good in their community by getting involved with a national organization or one of Humana’s initiatives.

Customizable Email Invitation Templates

Send branded, compliant email invitations that raise awareness and help drive registrations to your event.

Customizable Follow Up Email Template

Use this pre-approved email template to follow-up with Agents who attended your event.